Discover the Unique Designs of Redman Creations

Pam and Roger are the creative force behind Redman Creation's unique collection of custom-made products. Specializing in laser-cut and CNC-carved creations, they craft everything from intricate wooden designs to unique home decor. Alongside these, they offer a vibrant range of Print on Demand products, designed to bring a touch of adventure and personality to everyday items. Together, they blend precision craftsmanship with imaginative design to deliver exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces. Whether you're looking for a special gift or a personal indulgence, Redman Creations has something perfect for you.

Laser, Digital and Print Designs

Crafty Beams

Pamela excels in creating visually captivating digital, print, and laser designs. She creates personalized items like wooden journal covers, beautifully crafted signs, as well as Christmas ornaments and more. Beyond her professional work, she leads her church band, highlighting her diverse skills and community involvement. As a seasoned designer, Pamela's unique creations consistently exceed expectations, making her a top choice for high-quality, unique laser-cut designs.
CNC Woodworking and POD Designs

Carving Dreams

Roger brings 2 decades of experience in graphic and website design to his current work in CNC woodworking and Print on Demand. He creates unique physical art and apparel, showcasing his versatility. His specialties include custom wooden trays and 3D topographic landscapes, as well as standout personalized clothing. An avid adventurer, Roger draws inspiration from his travels with Pam and their husky, infusing creativity into every design. For distinctive wooden decor or custom apparel, Roger is your go-to creator.